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I hate bots

19:24 Saturday 08/12/07

And you should to, as you'll have to resolve a CAPTCHA in order to post any comments! angry
Spam bots have flooded the comments, i've had to delete everything and in the next few days i'll implement some sort of CAPTCHA to hold them off.

Speaking of something else i'd like to point out a couple of links:

CamStudio, an excellent, free, audio and screen recorder. Very powerfull, yet simple to use. smile

XKCD, a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. - Highly recommended!

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Site update, News CMS

12:53 Sunday 23/09/07

I installed a "semi-automatic" news content manager, which will greatly reduce the time needed to add news (so maybe i'll update more often wink).
AND it let's visitors leave comments, have fun! laughing

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Speedhack is fun!

18:06 Monday 17/09/07

I really enjoyed this year's Speedhack(Speehack is a special competition in which you must create a game in only 72hours!) , the rules where nice and i managed to think of something reasonably small to do in these three days. smile

I must say i'm quite happy with the result, you can see it here: Grannies to the rescue!, you be the judge!

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Caries Field is out!

19:53 Monday 16/04/07

After 1 year (time truly flies!) i can finally update the site with some content. smile

I just released Caries Field, a minesweeper clone with some cute graphics.
Go see it!

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FMC Studios LogoI'm Alive

14:32 Wednesday 18/01/06

As promised the whole site was ready for september... yeah, right! laughing
To speak the truth i left things exactly as 4,5 months ago, so why this "news" item?
Firstly to show i'm still alive and check the site every now and then and secondly to link to this fantastic:

Joke on blondes

You won't regret it!

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